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Aquarium Alpha
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NameAquarium Alpha
Size20 Gallons
Inhabitants6x cherry barbs
6x rummy-nose tetras
4x dwarf neon rainbowfish
1x colombian tetra
FiltrationAquaClear Power Filter 30
Lighting2x Life-Glo 15W
Temperature~27 Celsius
DecorRed tiger lotus
C. wendtii
V. spiralis
Brazilian Pennywort
Vallisneria Torta
One fake plant
AccessoriesSunken ship!
From Doctacosa on 01/26/12
All the plants are live except for the large green one at the left. I'll have to update this in a few weeks, I've been switching a fish species and adding new plants. :-)
From jack26707 on 01/17/12
Nice tank! I have a 20 gallon with rummys, cardinals, corys, a clown pleco, hatchets, and an angel. Are those live plants?
From finsNfur on 12/30/11
Wow, that's really beautiful!
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