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55 Planted
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Name55 Planted
Size55 Gallons
C02 SystemPressurized CO2
FertilizerEI dosing
Ecocomplete Substrate
Inhabitants4 Angelfish
9 Pepper Corydoras
20 White Cloud Mountain Minnows (LF)
3 albino LF Bristlenose Plecos
Pond snails
MTS snails
FiltrationEheim 2217 with spraybar
LightingAquasun 48" 2x T5HO
8 hours/day, 4" above water surface,
1 @ 5500K Plant bulb & 1 @ 6500K Daylight bulb

Fiberglass window screen on splash guard to reduce light intensity
Temperature77 F
DecorSwords: Amazon, Brazilian, Ozelot, Rosette, Microsword, & Marbled queen radican
American Val
Milfoil (Myriophyllun simulans)
Rotalia indica (red form)
Egeria densa
Small Driftwood
Large Mopani wood
Accessories2 X 100 watt Aqueon Pro heaters
Mopani wood x2 large pieces
FoodTetra Flakes
Freeze-dried Tubifex
Freeze-dried & live Brine Shrimp
Fruit flies (live, wingless)
From silvershark on 11/15/13
very nice, eye catching.
From finsNfur on 01/08/12
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