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20g Tropical Community
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Name20g Tropical Community
Size20 Gallons
FertilizerFlourish Comprehensive 2x/week
Inhabitants3 assorted Platy, 1 Sunrise Tequila Guppy and 1 Dalmatian Molly.

3 bunches of Stargrass, 1 Amazon Sword, 2 Compacta Swords, 2 Brazilian Pennywort, 1 Wide leaf Sagittaria, 2 Sagittaria Subulata "Dwarf"
FiltrationAqueon Quietflow 10
LightingAqueon 8,000K Full Spectrum Daylight
Temperature76 degrees
DecorArtificial plants, artificial log, and two rock fixtures.
AccessoriesTetra Whisper 20 with 4" airstone
FoodTetracolor tropical granules
From Clubber on 05/02/11
Nice! I am diggin this tank and love livebearers!
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