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My life :)
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NameMy life :)
Size127 Gallons
Live RockAll from Ocean tat i picked up my self and treated
SumpWet and dry sump with a build in refuge-um all home made
Power Head(s)All Atman and 1 Boyu wavemaker
Protein SkimmerWEIPRO SA-2016
Lighting Schedule1st set on 11:00 off 23:00
2nd set on 13:00 off 22:00
Red Rosy scale wrasse
Yellow hogfish
Red lined hogfish
Hippo blue tang
Long nose hawk fish
Yellow watch man goby
Fire goby
Purple fire goby
McCosker's wrasse
Sail fin tang
Black foot Amemonefish
Rippled Rockskipper
Starry dragonet

Noduled sea star
Amboin clear shrimp

Bubble coral
Green star polyps
Bald-tipped coral
Ancora coral
Tear-lobed coral
Lobophyllia coral
Symphylia coral
FoodFlakes,Pellets,Fresh fish eggs soaked in garlic solution (good for fish and corals) Artemis
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