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Baby farm for rams
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NameBaby farm for rams
Size10 Gallons
C02 SystemDIY 2 L
FertilizerADA Amazonia Aqua Soil, Comprehensive Flourish
Inhabitants2 gold australes
2 german blue rams
Filtrationplants and top fin 10 with sponge in it
Lighting2 40 watt day light bulbs 6500 k
Temperature80 ish
DecorBamboo plants, baby tears, drift wood, anabias, java moss,hornwort, somekinda red plant,amazon sword plant,jungle val, red tiger lotus,
Accessories50 watt heater, glued thermometer, black trim on top and bottom
Foodlive brine, frozen blood worms,frozen shrimp,frozen brine,frozen spirulina
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