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212L Louis's paradise
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Name212L Louis's paradise
Size56 Gallons
C02 SystemNone
InhabitantsSome pics are from the development phases :)
3 Rosy Barbs
6 Panda Corydoras
3 Green Corydoras
1 Honey Gourami Female
11 Amano Shrimp
5 Elephant Snail
2 Mystery Snails
8 Red-Eyed Tetras
6 kuhli loaches
5 Black Phantom Tertras
1 German Blue Ram
1 farlowella
10 Pumpkin Shrimp
FiltrationMarineland Canister HOT Magnum
Lighting6500k compact bulb for plant growth, and fluorescent full spectrum.
1 Waterlily
Large Amazon Sword
Water lettuce
Mirco sword

Accessories1-Lava Rock, 4- Red Brick, 1- Small piece of Bog Wood, Drift wood, 2- Roman ruin figures, smooth black gravel
FoodHikari Micro Pellets, Frozen Blood Worms, Frozen Brine, Hikari algae wafers and Hikari Sinking Wafers.
From Keleborn on 09/01/13
What a Sword! Gorgeous Ram! Nice!
From aussieJJDude on 12/06/12
cool tank! :D
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