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Predator 44g
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NamePredator 44g
SubstrateArgonite Sand
Size44 Gallons
Live Rock16 lbs, MORE coming
Power Head(s)Koralia 2 & Koralia Nano 240
Protein SkimmerRed Sea Prizm HOB w/surface skimmer
Inhabitantsfull grown Snowflake Eel, baby Volitans Lionfish (was supposed to be dwarf fuzzy but received volitans, shipper mistake! going to grow him out and re-sell) Chocolate Chip Starfish, Pencil Urchin, black Needle Pincushion Urchin.
FiltrationRena Filstar canister filter
Lighting15w actinic, 15w 6500k daylight
Temperature76, 2 - 50w walmart heaters
FoodPE Mysis, Silversides, Rod's Predator formula, chopped raw seafood
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