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XShido´s Tank
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NameXShido´s Tank
Size120 Gallons
InhabitantsEmpty so far. But going for these:
2 Goldfish, 2 Black Moor Goldfish, 2 Angelfish, 2 Koifish, 2 Tetras, 2 Comet Goldfish, 2 Zebra fish, 2 sumatran barbs, 2 Molly fish, 2 Sea rats AKA Guppies, 2 Swordtails.
FiltrationRena Filstar XP3 Canister Filter
LightingWaiting for some help on this.
TemperatureLocated at caribbean island, Summer the whole year. Temps between 25-35 all the time.
DecorGoing for fake plants, CPVC caves & tunnels, Rocks, some DIY Decor and maybe Bob Squarepants house from amazon.
FoodFishfood from the petshop.
From lunawatsername on 07/09/11
should be a cool tank :) i just wanted to point out that you might want to rethink your fish list if you were Serious with that, because that many goldfish would not fit in that tank. they Get very big, especially the comets and koi, and their would be room for maybe 2 or 3 of them, not 8, and thats without considering the other fish, which are small enough to eventually become food for a big goldie, not to mention quite a few of the fish you mentioned are tropical (NEED warm water) and goldfish need cooler water. hope this might help a little, and good luck with your fish selection! :)
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