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Size20 Gallons
InhabitantsCurrently divided into a 'guy' side and a 'gal' side. Black Moscow females and a male, Half Black Pastel males and females, Half Black Red male and females, Red Thai Albino male and females and one large and grouchy Pleco
FiltrationMarineland Bio 100
Temperature78-80 degrees
DecorLarge castle/cave, floating artificial plants
FoodNutrafin GuppyVeggie Flakes
NutraFin Livebearer Flakes
Hikari Algae Wafers
Frz Brine Shrimp
From Amethyst123 on 04/22/11
Very pretty coloring on the yellow/orange-red/black trio. Can't see much with the others, unfortunately. Your yellow girl with the orange tail is definitely pregnant! She reminds me of one of my first three guppy girls, Ginger. Looks like the dark bodied/orange-red tailed girl is pregnant, too, but maybe not as advanced.
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