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My Son's Tank
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NameMy Son's Tank
Size5 Gallons
InhabitantsA pair of platies, a chinease algae eater, a male Betta, and a pair of camera shy Black Mollies and one reclusive Freshwater Flounder
FiltrationGalaxy 5
Temperature75 degrees
DecorA castle, a tye dyed tunnel ( did I mention this is my son's tank? )
FoodHikari Betta Gold and Tropical Fish Flakes, and Algae Wafers
From FrightyDog on 08/23/13
that's a bit overstocked. I don't want to add any more fish to my tank and it has 2 platies, a danio, and tiger barb. 4 platy/mollies, algae eater AND flounder is way too much. Try the betta alone with some snails and shrimp...
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