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Redwag Kingdom
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NameRedwag Kingdom
Size75 Gallons
C02 SystemNo system
FertilizerEco Complete
Inhabitants4 Cory Catfish.
2 Bolivian Rams
5 Red Wagtail Platies
1 Candy Pleco
2 Guppies
FiltrationMarineland's Bio-wheel Power Filter: Emperor 400 Pro Series
LightingCoralife's Aqualight High Output T5 Dual Lamp. 48"
-Actinic Bluelight
-10,000K Daylight
TemperatureWill be 78-83 degrees
DecorZebra Rock, Live Plants, and Slate.
AccessoriesYour everyday cleaning supplies.
From kphillips0899 on 05/15/14
actinic and 10k bulbs arent for fresh water aquariums, they are ment for corals. you will get MUCH better results with 6700K T5HO's. otherwise it seems to be a waste
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