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betta sorority
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Namebetta sorority
Size20 Gallons
Inhabitantsthe girls-
circe(dt)aka ugly duckling! browninsh/greenish/white (fins still growing back!) RIP :'(
athena (ct) white with yellow marks on fins
eris (vt) green/blue/purple
hecate (ct) cambodian red
maia (ct) white with red marks on fins
nyx (ct) dark blue and black
artemis (vt) pink
bia (ct) green and red
pixie (hm) platinum greenish/blue
xylia (hm) green and black marble
rani (hm) silver (copper)
X amount of snails (me=not happy)

Filtration2 10 gallon filters
Lightinghanging light
Temperature~78 F
Decorgravel substrate, around 30 fake plants, 3 live plants, piece of driftwood, terra cotta pots and whatever else i find
Accessories2 thermometers, heater
Foodfrozen bloodworms, bettas pellets, frozen brine shrimp
From Saphira101 on 01/23/13
You have some SERIOUSLY beautiful Bettas!! I love your sorority!! :)
From Pearl2011 on 09/01/12
I love my sorority! Bettas have such good personality. Wish I could have a bigger tan for them, though.
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