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55 gal Saltwater
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Name55 gal Saltwater
SubstrateCrushed Coral
Size55 Gallons
Live Rock25 lbs aprox.
Lighting Schedule12 hr
Dosing Scheduleevery 24 hr (melafix) Fungi Damsels
Top Off SourceFiltered water
Inhabitants2- yellowtail Damsels
1- Enemea
2- hermit crab
6- turbo snails
2 - emrald crab
1- peppermint shrimp
1- balck pinpoint sea urchin
FiltrationEmperor 400 powerfilter W/biowheel
LightingCoralife 10,000 k 12/hr cycle
Temperature77.2 degrees
Decorlive rock Letting algae takeover back glass
AccessoriesLive Rock
FoodFrozen shrimp half cube morning, and half cube Formula 2 soaked in Garlic Supplement
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