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Living Room Tank
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NameLiving Room Tank
Size55 Gallons
InhabitantsOne Giant Pleco, one Queen Loach, One Jack Dempsey, One Electric Yellow Cichlid, 2 Firemouth, 3 Convicts, One Large Texas Hybrid Convict and they just had babies about 2 months ago so there are about 20-40 in there right now!
FiltrationOne Cascade 300 filter, One Aquatech 30-40 Gallon Double Sided
LightingOne overhead Fluorecent Bulb
Temperature78 F
DecorRecently redone with creek rock and a couple plants
AccessoriesLarge Lava Rock, One Power Head, Two Mist Strips
FoodSinking shrimp pellets, sinking cichlid pellets, and Floating Cichlid pellets, algea disks
From dorabaker on 07/10/10
i love your pleco...and congrats on the baby fish they are beautiful!
From MoneyMitch on 10/22/09
Love your rock looks close to what i have in my tank. gotta say intresting stock list tho. gratz on pulling it off.
From willieturnip on 10/21/09
How do the americans get on with the malawi?
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