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Casa de Fishies!
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NameCasa de Fishies!
Size12 Gallons
C02 SystemNone
Filtration1 Sponge Filter, Marineland duetto 100 submersible filter, built in Eclipse-3 filter
LightingBuilt in Fluorescent 60 hz light
Temperature75-77 Degrees
Decor3 Pieces of Driftwood, Java moss, 2 banana plants, 1 Java fern, 5 anubias plants, 4 wisteria plants, 3 bunches of anacharis plants
FoodOmega one sinking shrimp pellets, Tetramin crisps, Nutrafin flakes, Hikari sinking wafers, Hikari algae wafers, Hikarai shrimp cuisine, Shirakura baby shrimp food, aqueon sinking shrimp pellets.
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