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Size55 Gallons
Inhabitants2 Albino cory catfish
1 Plecos
3 Black mollies
5 Dalmation mollies
1 Weather loaches
2 Salt and pepper cory cats
2 Green terrors
2 Black convics
Filtrationaqua tech 30-60 filter
Lighting2 florecent bulbs
Temperature80 degrease
Decor2 small colosium poles
1 medium bubble colosium
1 large bubble colosium
5 green trees
Accessories2 bubble stones
digital thermomiter
dual breeding floating chamber
Foodtropical fish flakes three times a day and shrimp pellets once a day
From paradise4nangel on 04/22/09
My frogs Zeus and Hera would love this tank.. Unfortunately all your pretty fish wouldn't like having them there.
From AmyK on 02/19/09
That is breathtaking.Have you seen the mini Venus de Milo statues at PetSmart?
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