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Lyretail Killifish and Peacock Gudgeon Swingers Community
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NameLyretail Killifish and Peacock Gudgeon Swingers Community
Size42 Gallons
FertilizerJBL Ferrotabs
Inhabitants6 Cape Lopez Lyretail Killifish ( aphyosemion australe) 2 male 4 female,
Pair of Peacock Gudgeon (taturndina ocellacauda)
1 soon to be moved Knight Goby
1 Ancistrus sp
3 Mountain Shrimp
2 Horny Bumblebee and 1 Zebra Snail
FiltrationFluval u4. Mountain Shrimp
LightingFluorescent tubes
Temperature25 degrees
DecorSome great rocks and rock formations, coconut half shells and other various caves, tree root stump ornament, various plants, lots of hiding places
AccessoriesAir pump
FoodLots of the usual live foods, New Era flakes, Hikari micro pellets, Tetra pleco wafers, frozen bloodworms etc
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