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55g Community
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Name55g Community
Size55 Gallons
Inhabitants2 Black Skirt Tetra
2 P. Scalare Angels
6 Dalmation Molly
1 Pictus Catfish
FiltrationMarineland Penguin Biowheel 350

Topfin 60
LightingPerfecto Dual 24 Recessed Full Hoods

Marineland Natural Daylight 18 T8 Fluorescent
TemperatureTopFin Submersible 200w UL
DecorDriftwood | Fake Plants | Misc Decorations
AccessoriesTetra Whisper 60 Air Pump

Long Submersible air stone.

25' Aqueon Water Changer
FoodFlake | Pellets
From tropicalkass on 12/12/13
awesome tank, love the gravel. I have a pictus catfish too
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