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Marineland(r) 27gallon Cube Complete Aquarium Ensemble
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NameMarineland(r) 27gallon Cube Complete Aquarium Ensemble
Size27 Gallons
Inhabitants(14) Red Wag Platties
(3) LongFin Black Skirt Tetra
(2) Bronze Cory Catfish
(1) Albino Cory Catfish
Filtration(2)Eheim Ecco 2232 Canister
LightingMarineland day/night led light
TemperatureTopFin 150 Watt heater set at a consistent 78 degrees Ferrinheit
DecorLarge Driftwood aligned left
Large Rock Structure Centered
Hydor H2 Show bubble maker Crystal
(3) Mini tropical plants (blue,orange,pink)
Background is blue with assorted plants
Accessories5inch Disc bubbler attached to a Tetra Whisper 40 aquarium air pump
FoodTetraColor Tropical Granules (pellets), Top Fin Algae Wafers, Top Fin Freeze Dried Brine Shrimp
From Embouck7 on 01/25/15
Looks like it was painted on there good job!!!
From downerbeautiful on 10/29/11
Man, I'm diggin' those plants!
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