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29 High
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Name29 High
Size29 Gallons
C02 Systemno
FertilizerFlourish Comprhensive and root tabs
InhabitantsPlants; Italian Val, Wisteria, Broad Leaf Ludwigia, Java Fern, Dwarf Sag, Ancharis
Fish; twin Bar Swordtails, Red Eyed Tetras, Danios
FiltrationMagnum 220 canister
LightingA single T12 6500K flouresant Bulb
Temperature80 degrees
DecorLive plants and diftwood
FoodTetramin Flake
From Kelly100 on 08/14/12
I LOVE YOUR TANK !!!! I'm thinkin about gettin a second tank. I would love to set it up just like yours ! Never have tried real plants, but this next tank I will !!
From finsNfur on 10/10/11
That is beautiful! Nice driftwood, too.
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