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Harpo's Aquarium
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NameHarpo's Aquarium
SubstrateCrushed Coral
Size10 Gallons
Live RockFiji live rocks w/ various corals growing on them.
Protein SkimmerCurrent Nano Skimmer
Inhabitants Two Occelaris Clown fish( Harpo and Coral), a couple of snails, and some mini hermit crabs. For corals I have some that require low light like Kenya Trees, Leathers, and Mushrooms. I especially like the mushrooms though. =)
Filtration I have a whisper 10, but I think I will get a second one. It does the job pretty well though I think, it is the only filter I've ever had.
LightingI have an orbit lighting system.
Temperature I keep my aquarium at about 77-78 degrees Fahrenheit.
Decor I have a pirate ship that my clowns seem to love! =) I also have a seashell that lies on the bottom that the clowns love to rub against.
Food They seem to like regular old fish flakes, but they like them crushed up really small otherwise they will spit them back out. =(
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