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Size27 Gallons
C02 Systemnatural Air
FertilizerLeaf Zone
Inhabitants3 Albino Cory, 3 Spotted Cory, 3 orange gourami, 2 Molly, 4 baby Molly, 5 neon orange tetra, a dozen tiny snails
FiltrationCotton + Charcoal hanging pump filter, uses Large filter media. No Biowheel.
LightingStandard white aquarium lighting, Sunlight 2-3 hours a day in the late evening
Temperature81.5 Min 83.0 Max
DecorWe're going for Asian style decor.
Accessoriestwin head air pump, bubble bar, stone bubbles for now. 100w heater.
FoodI have tetramin, tetramin pro, garlic seaweed/algae mix sheets, frozen bloodworms, brine, and some plant material gumdrops, Algae wafers that sink, and Shrimp pellets that sink.
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