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Paul Rossmango
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NamePaul Rossmango
Size45 Gallons
C02 SystemCo2 Pressurized System
FertilizerSea Chem - Excel, Flourish and Trace
Inhabitants10 neon tetra - 12 Black neon tetras 3 Panda Platys and 3 Gold spotted platys 1 pleco 3 clown loaches and 4 small Otocinclus, 3 Botia's
FiltrationFluval 404 and a 405
Penguin 660 Power Head with a sponge filter.
LightingAquatic Life T5-H0 Light with 2x39 watt Giesemann PowerChrome
Midday T5 Lamps and
2 x 39 watt Plant Grow T5 Lamps
by AquaMedic
DecorSome Rocks and Driftwood
AccessoriesMarineland Visi Ther 150 watt heater and a Fluval E200 heater, Gamma UV T5 15 watt sterilizer
FoodAssorted Dry food, Krill, Freeze dried worms and shrimp and Alage Wafers and other sinking food
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