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Cornish Circle
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NameCornish Circle
Size55 Gallons
C02 SystemDIY
FertilizerSera Flora Pro
Inhabitants1 x Gourami Blue
2 x True SAE
2 x Whitecloud Minnow
2 x Bristlenose Catfish
2 x Baby Mollies
2 YoYo
6 Green Barbs
1 SNail
FiltrationTetraTec 1200 Ex
Lighting1 x 54w Hagen Glo Life T5 HO
1 x 54w Aracdia Tropical T5 HO
Temperature25.5 Degrees C
Decorback right big red leaves - Echinodorus x barthii

On the bog wood - Anubias Bateri var. nana

Back left - Echinodorus palaefolius var. latifolius

In front of red ehin on right - Limnophila sessiliflora

foreground right carpet - Eleocharis parvula

On the big bit of bogwood - java moss

Behind main bit of boggwood - Bacopa monnieri

Main Specimen in middle - Amazon Sword

In front of the back left stems -Shinnersia rivularis 'Weiss-Grün'

Foregroun left carpet - Lilaeopsis mauritiana

In betwen the stones - unknown
AccessoriesDIY Co2 Reactor made from a syringe.
From boxercrazy156 on 11/17/12
I love your tank your plants look so healthy
From rahulwesley on 04/04/12
very well planned layout and beautiful to look at...a wonderful aquarium...cheers:-))
From willow on 01/26/12
absolutely beautiful.
From angella on 01/12/12
Awesome tank :o Gotta get me some java moss.
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