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50g Angelfish
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Name50g Angelfish
Size50 Gallons
FertilizerSeachem Flourish
Inhabitants4 guppies (for cycling)
12 Gold Pristella Tetras
FiltrationAquaTech 30-60; one used carbon filter for seeding, one sponge, and one nitra-zorb for 20 gallon tank
LightingTwo T8 18" single light fixtures; Cora-life Nutri grow 15W 6500K full spectrum in each fixture
Temperature80 F ; No heater being used right now its just hot in general
Echinodorus angustifolia Vesuvius
Ludwigia Glandulosa, Peruensis
Bacopa Australis
Lloydiella, Creeping Jenny
Alternanthera reineckii var roseafolia
Echinodorus parviflorus
Water Sprite
Anubia Frazeri
AccessoriesGreek Ruins Decor
Small Airstone set on low
FoodTetraMin Tropical Flakes
Ocean Nutrition Formula One
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