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Cypress Gardens
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NameCypress Gardens
Size37 Gallons
C02 Systemnone
InhabitantsCardinal Tetra (14)
False Julii Cory (5)
Amano shrimp (1)
Nerite Snails (2)
Assassin Snail (1)
FiltrationFluval 206 Canister
LightingDeep Blue 24" SolarmaxHE
2 x 14w 6700k T5HE
Runs for 8.5 hours with a midday siesta.
DecorThe "knees" from Cypress tree roots.

Live Plants:
- Cabomba
- Pennywort
- Alteranthera Reineckii
- Mystery Swords?
- Microsword
FoodOSI Shrimp Pellets
Omega One Flakes - Tropical and Veggie
From Kelly100 on 08/19/12
Good ole' Cypress Gardens. I grew up right around the corner from that place ! Your tank is BEAUTIFUL !! Where did you get those knees ?
From InsaneIchthyology on 05/19/12
Those cypress roots are really cool looking. Nice tank :)
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