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Tree of Life
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NameTree of Life
Size127 Gallons
InhabitantsSouth/Central American Cichlids including: Jack Dempsey, Jaguar Cichlids, Green Terror, Oscar, Convict, Severum, Feather fin Catfish, and Common Pleco.
FiltrationTwo Marineland Bio wheel power filters.
LightingTwo low watt Aquaglow florescent lights for a low light, softer lighting affect.
Temperature72-74 degrees during the winter, 78-82 during spring summer and fall months.
DecorPine stump, and various branches, limestone and Lava rock.
FoodFeeder guppies, earth worms, blood worms, brine shrimp, Jumbomin Large Cichlid Pellets.
From Assault0137 on 05/17/12
beautiful tank.
From platyfishlover123 on 09/16/11
AMAZING TANK!! I wish my tank was that beautiful!
From freshAqua on 07/19/10
your tank looks amazing!!
From tanker on 04/01/10
Beautiful tank, love your fish and that video is fascinating. Thanks.
From Amphitrite on 08/06/09
Great looking tank! :)
From daisycutter on 05/02/09
very nice cant go wrong with the big boys for a lasting impression i had a 150g that got broke before i could use it,seeing this makes me even more annoyed it got broke
From ambria on 04/29/09
Nice tank! I had two Jack Dempseys and a couple of firemouths and the one Jack named Bruno was terrorizing everything. I really like my chilids but have graduated downward to more peaceful fish. LOVE the stump!
From paradise4nangel on 04/22/09
How do you keep all the big guys from fighting. And, are those baby fishy eggs? How exciting. I love it when stuff in my tank breeds. Awesome fish. I am totally jealous.
From MBilyeu on 04/04/09
Love the green terror!
From beweeb on 03/21/09
awesome i love green terrors
From ToMoBoBo on 03/16/09
Nice tank. You make me want bigger fish.. haha.
From willow on 03/01/09
your fish are beautiful.
From finsNfur on 03/01/09
Beautiful tank and fish!
From ThalesthePearsei on 02/27/09
Those are some gorgeous fish!!!
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