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90g planted
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Name90g planted
Size90 Gallons
Fertilizerseachem flourish
ADA iron
ADA multi vitamin
InhabitantsStaurogyne repens
japanese hairgrass.
Moss XI-
Mini Pelia-Riccardia chamedryfolia
Java Moss
Amazon Sword
Dwarf Sword
Undulated Crypt
mini water lily
Anubias nana
indian fern
tall hairgrass
red Ludwigia
black neon tetras
gold tetra
blue tetra
algae eaters aka otto
bamboo shrimp
yamato shrimp
ramhorn snail
red ramhorn snail
malaysian trumpet snail

Filtrationcanister filter dolphin 1600
Lighting48' 3 x t8 daylight,1 x pink t8
Temperature24-26 degrees
Decordrift wood
Foodtetra bits an live food
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