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Main Tank
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NameMain Tank
Size10 Gallons
Inhabitantsa couple platys ,3 coreys, 2 snails and a brissel nose pleco, and a killifish

Filtrationaqua-tech 5-15 power filter with bio-fiber biological filtration and ez-change #1 filter cartridge
Lightingfull incandescent light hood
Temperatureusually between 70F and 80F
Decortree stump with openings for fish to hide, tunnel, and few fake plants, i do have live plants as well now such as java moss and another type, not sure on name

Accessoriestop fin floating glass thermometer
tetra submersible heater, 50 watts
Foodflakes and a bottom feeder tablet most of the time

once in a while i will put in a tubifex cube, some baby shrimp, tropical crisps, or tetramin granules
From finsNfur on 12/06/11
Very colorful!
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