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Jennifer Broyles
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NameJennifer Broyles
Size90 Gallons
C02 SystemRed Sea CO2 Pro System
FertilizerFlourish by Sea Chem
Inhabitants3 Otto's
3 Rasboras
1 Cory Cats
3 Skunk Cats
1 Gold Knife
2 Mystery Snails
5 Angelfish
3 Rubbernose Pelco's
5 black skirt tetra's
2 Kribs
FiltrationWet Dry Canister filter from my salt tank minus Skimmer
LightingDeep Blue Professionals Solar Extreme Advance High Output Lighting System
Temperature80 degrees
Decor1 large, 2 med, 1 small pieces of driftwood, several rocks and lots of plants
Foodflakes, vegetable pellets, now mysis shrimp for the gold knife,
From finsNfur on 01/08/12
Wow, that is beautiful!
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