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Tropical Tank
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NameTropical Tank
Size90 Gallons
C02 SystemHome made
FertilizerProprietry API
Inhabitants1x Hybrid Angel, 1 x Bolivian Rams, 3 x Golden Barbs. , 3 x Corydoras Julii, 3 x corydoras (peppered) 2 x Macmasterii apisto.
FiltrationExternal Tetratec ex 1200
LightingJust Switched to T5 power glo and life glow 50/50 ratio.
Temperature28.0 c
DecorRocks and Bogwood and Planted
Accessoriesair pump with small airstone and rock feature and DIY co2 unit routed through the air curtain.
FoodTetra with bloodworm and and occasional Artemia.
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