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My 55gal tank!
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NameMy 55gal tank!
Size55 Gallons
C02 SystemNone
FertilizerFlourish Root tabs and Flourish Comprehensive
Inhabitants1 Blue Paradise Fish
3 Dwarf Neon Rainbows
1 Female Kribensis
13 Neon Tetras
5 Zebra Danios
4 Glo Danios
4 Platys
4 Kuhli Loaches
1 Dojo Loach
FiltrationHOB Filter with Bamboo
LightingT5HO w/ 54w 5,000k Flora Sun Max Growth and 54w 6,400k Plant Growth
Temperature79 Mid-day - 74 Midnight
Green Cabomba
Water Sprite
Amazon Swords
Aquarium Lily
Marble Queens
Pygmy Chain Swords
Red Rubin Swords
Corkscrew Vals
Red Melon Swords
Narrow Leaf Sag
Broad Leaf Ludwigia
Red Cryptocoryne Wendtii
Java Ferns
Giant Temple Hygro
AccessoriesBlue LED moonlight
FoodFrozen Brine Shrimp
Cichlid flakes
Tropical pellets
Tropical flakes
Sinking veggie pellets
Algae discs
Freeze dried seaweed
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