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55 gallon community - 2nd tank
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Name55 gallon community - 2nd tank
Size55 Gallons
FertilizerSeachem comprehensive
Inhabitants2 otocinclus catfish
19 neon tetra
3 glowlight tetra
3 honey gourami
FiltrationAqueon Quietflow 55
ATI Hydro Pro IV Sponge Filter 80 gallon
Lighting3 full spectrum 15W tubes
DecorZen temple with fake bamboo
Plants - Aponogeton, red water lily, dwarf hairgrass, moneywort, melon swordplant, amazon sword plant, moss ball, Java moss, Cryptocoryne wendtii green, C. Wendtii red, C. ulvacea
FoodAqueon tropical fish flakes, freeze dried brine shrimp, bottom feeder pellets
From Akeath on 12/02/11
Your Gouramis are gorgeous!
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