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Tiger's tank
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NameTiger's tank
Size20 Gallons
Inhabitants3 female fancy guppies 1 turquoise fancy guppy male, 1 albino cory cat, and 1 hillstream loach.
Filtrationit is filtered with a 20 something or another filter that was sold with the 20g aquarium
Lightingthe lighting came with the topfin aquarium at petsmart
Temperatureit is not heated, as we live in texas, the temperature in our home stays around 75-77degrees...sorry not sure how to answer this?
Decorlava rock, blue gravel, some fake plants and we just added one live bushy sort of plant yesterday. And an alien skull at the bottom. WE also have glass stones, marbles, and some sea shells on the bottom of the tank.
Foodwe use tropical fish flake food, as well as the pellets for the cory.
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