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10 gallon Sand
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Name10 gallon Sand
Size0 Gallons
C02 Systembubbles
FertilizerIron chelated
InhabitantsCurrently this tank is cycling.
Filtrationaqueon M in tank and chinese sponge air filter from LFS. it has gravel in it and a large sponge and makes a tons of bubbles the cory fish like.
Lightingone 40W equivalent CF bulb and 1 "grow light" LED bulb with foil reflector (hand made), sunlight and ambient light.
Temperature77-79.5 oF
Decor3 grassy plants, 2 spear style plants, 1 wisteria, 1 transplanted fern from 30g, fake log from petco
Accessoriesaqueon heater, glass surface thermometer and floating specific gravity thermometer.
Foodshrimp pellets and algae pellets, blood worm freeze dried purified food.
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