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Sons tank
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NameSons tank
Size24 Gallons
C02 SystemFire extinguisher with regulator
FertilizerDry ferts mixed and Flourish Excel
Inhabitants7x Galaxy Rasbora
4 x Corydoras Trilineatus
2 x Corysoras Sterbai
3 x Dwarf neon rainbows
1 x dwarf hybrid Gourami
2 x Zebra Nerite snails
5 x Amano Shrimp
FiltrationEheim 2213 external
LightingTwin T5 overhead. 1x10k and 1x6500k
Decorblack granite, bog wood and lots of plants
FoodFlakes, tablet and various live and frozen
From aussieJJDude on 09/06/13
Love how natural the tank is! Super cool!!!
From Aquaken on 08/27/13
that is awesome
From Assault0137 on 08/28/12
i love it!
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