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Size30 Gallons
InhabitantsNeon Tetra 2
Head n tail light 2
Albino Cory 2
Dalmation molly 2
Molly 1 (f)
Balloon Molly (2F, 1M)
tiger barb 5
Rasbora 3
Albino rainbow shark 2
Black skirt tetra 3
Obessa Barb 3
Dragon Goby 1
snails 4

FiltrationElectric filter
Lightingfluorescent lighting
Temperature20 degrees celcius
Decorrocks, fake plants, tubing, gravel.
Accessoriesbirthing tank
FoodMed tropical fish pellets, Shrimp pellets, Blood worms (frozen and dry)
From ReefTrooper on 02/01/12
looks very colorful!! :-)
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