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The Quiet Garden
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NameThe Quiet Garden
Size10 Gallons
InhabitantsOne calico butterfly koi
FiltrationSome third party filter, but works very well
Lighting15 watt bulb
Temperature78 degrees Fahrenheit
DecorAll fake plants except the moss ball, one bushy with pretty flowers all over it, a tall teal plant, a leafy red plant, and two other smaller green plants. Has a multicolored pagoda, fake coral/anemone, and an awesome dragon bubbler!
AccessoriesHeater, aerator
FoodGoldfish pellets
From OddballFishCoveter on 11/29/11
@thekoimaiden: I am aware that my koi needs a new home. I have been actively trying to find a new owner that can provide suitable housing for him. This aquarium entry has not been updated, and therefore it would not have been apparent, but this koi will not remain here much longer.
From thekoimaiden on 11/28/11
A 10 gal is not a suitable home for a koi. They commonly grow over 12 inches and need at least 500 us gallons per fish to be comfortable. Koi are a pond fish not an aquarium fish. Please consider rehoming your koi.
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