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Work in progress
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NameWork in progress
Size55 Gallons
C02 System1 Bubble Wall, 1 Bubble Skeleton (Boyfriend thought it was cool) and 1 Bubble Sphere
Inhabitants4-Mollies 1 Male 3 Female
6- Male Guppies
4-Assorted Platies
10-Neon Tetras
1-Albino Corydora
1-Standard Corydora
2-Upside Down Catfish
1-Small Plecostomus
2 -Silver Tipped Sharks
10-Live Dwarf Sword Plants

32 Fish Total at the moment
FiltrationAqua-tech Power Filter 30-60, not the best but came with the tank will be getting one with a Bio wheel soon.
LightingStandard Fluorescent Aquarium Bulbs with dual lighting hood.
Temperature79-82 Degrees Fahrenheit
DecorOne small piece of Mopani wood and one Medium sized piece of Faux Wood
Accessoriesone large tank heater and 2 small Co2 modules
FoodMixture of Cichlead flakes, Tetra Min, Algea Discs, Freeze dried Shrimp and dried blood worms
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