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Birthday Tank
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NameBirthday Tank
Size29 Gallons
Fertilizerflourish comprehensive, seachem root tabs
Inhabitants7 Lemon Tetra
5 apisto cacatuoides double red
11 Rummynose Tetra
1 Ivory Mystery Snail "Charlie"
FiltrationTop Fin power 30 HOB
LightingHagen Life-glo 6700k 20W single tube
Decor2 pieces of driftwood
slate cave
Accessories100w heater
From aussieJJDude on 08/10/13
From AK Fresh Water on 06/23/12
Wow, this is beautiful! It is nicely balanced.
From Cynical Fish Guy on 04/04/12
Amazing Tank!!!
From Philnominal on 01/15/12
great looking tank.
From newby on 10/22/11
Beautiful tank!
From MinaMinaMina on 10/22/11
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