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The one, the only.
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NameThe one, the only.
Size20 Gallons
FertilizerFlourish tabs and Excel
InhabitantsTwo clown loaches - Creepy and Crawly.
Siamese algae eater - Skipper.
Balloon molly - Chubby.
Marble molly - Slim.
Three Platies - "The three amigos."
Three or four ghost shrimp.
FiltrationAqueon Power 30
LightingStandard florescent hood.
DecorA sea shell, multiple piece of slate (featuring a fake frog), and all the live plants listed in my signature.
AccessoriesJust the heater and digital thermometer.
FoodFlakes. Yum.
Frozen blood worms.
Sinking spirulina baby pellets.
Algae wafers.
From Assault0137 on 05/27/12
where did you get the light, and how much?
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