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Main Community
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NameMain Community
Size55 Gallons
Inhabitants6 Yoyo loaches
7 Glass catfish
1 Asian speckled pleco
5 Head and Tail tetra
1 betta
1 Emerald corydora
1 Dalmation molly (roommate's fish)
FiltrationAqueon quietflow 55 power filter
Marineland Penguin 100
one sponge filter
LightingColor enhancing hood light
Temperature80 F
DecorOne giant rock that's full of holes, one large piece of driftwood, two anubias plants on lava rock, and other little things here and there.
Accessorieslargest top fin air pump rigged with one 12 inch air stone, one sponge filter, and one 18 inch bubble wall
FoodAlgae wafers, frozen blood worms, tetra color flakes, fresh veggies
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