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Dorm Room Aquarium
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NameDorm Room Aquarium
Size10 Gallons
InhabitantsSkittles: Male micky mouse platy
Tokyo: Female Sailfin Platy
Bob: Speckled female Platy
Barbie: Female White Skirt Tetra
Ken: Male White Skirt Tetra
FiltrationAquaTech system. but sure of the model.
Lighting2- 15 watt plant-growth bulbs,
Temperature75 degrees F
DecorRed and blue gravel with a small hollow fish statuette and hollow rock (that glows in the dark!) , along with some artificial plants.
AccessoriesFilter, light, hood,and a 2- 15 gl heater
FoodTetraMin Tropical Flakes and the occasional green matter to encourage algae growth.
From aussieJJDude on 07/06/12
LOL it looks like the catfish is eating the carrot and the cave fish thing looks like it is going to eat the catfish
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