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Gregg's Main Tank
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NameGregg's Main Tank
Size40 Gallons
C02 Systemn/a
Fertilizeriron supplements
Inhabitants1 I.D shark, 3-6 Corey Catfish, 2 rainbow sharks, 1 weather loach, 1 clown loach, 1 japenese alge eater, 1 pulco, 4 tinfoil barbs, 1 roseline shark, 1 congo tetra, and some others that i dont know the name of.
Filtrationaqua clear 50 and aqua clear 20, with a high output air bubbler.
Lightingnone at the moment
Decorlava rock, live plants, T-Rex skull, chonch shell.
Accessoriesfloating log
Foodblood worms and flake food.
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