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20 gallon salt
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Name20 gallon salt
Size20 Gallons
Live Rockassorted live rock 12lbs
Power Head(s)425 gph hydor koralia
Protein Skimmern/a
Inhabitantstwo ocellaris clown fish, two yellow tailed damsels. 1 sailfin benny. 1 royal gramma. 5 blue legged hermit crabs. 7 large turbo snails. and about 12-20 tiny star fish.
Filtrationaqua clear 50 and 11 lbs of liove rock
LightingT5-HO dual lighting system with a 18k coral growth light and a actinic blue light
Decornone other than live rock and live sand. some small live plants that have grown off the live rock.
Foodslow sinking pellet food
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