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Big Bertha
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NameBig Bertha
Size36 Gallons
Inhabitants 5 von rio orange tetras, 1 julii cory (corydoras julii), 1 green corys, 3 red eye tetras (moenkhausia sanctaefibmenae), 1 dwarf gourami neon tura (colisa lalia),1 dwarf powder blue gourami, 1 spotted raphael catfish (agamyxis pectinifron) 1 fire red gourami, 1 bamboo shrimp (Atyopsis moluccensis)

FiltrationAqueon quiet flow 30
Lighting36 bow front deluxe full hood
Decordriftwood, live plants, texas holy rock,
From Assault0137 on 05/23/12
i have the same tank. why are your upside down catfish right side up?
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