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Size55 Gallons
FertilizerFlourish Comprehensive, API Root Tabs
Inhabitants5 Corydoras trilineatus "three line cory"
4 Corydoras oaipoquensis "flag tailed panda cory"
Palaemonetes paludosus "ghost shrimp"
2 Olive Nerite Snails

Coming Attractions:
4 Pterophyllum scalare "angelfish" (Philippine blue silver)
FiltrationEmporer 400 with pre-filter sponge
Lighting48" T8 6500K lamps x2
Temperature77 F
Vallisneria americana
Pistia stratiotes
Leaf litter

Coming Attractions:
more V. americana
Accessories150W Visitherm heater x2
FoodOmega One sinking granules, FD mysis, FD bloodworms, live brine shrimp, live blackworms, Omega One sinking shrimp pellets, etc.
From KatSea on 03/10/13
From bayhay69 on 03/07/13
LOVE the TANK !!!! The Cory is beautiful !!! Where in the world did you get the wood ??? So NEAT !!!
From small fry on 01/28/12
Very nice setup! Love the driftwood! :D
From MinaMinaMina on 10/20/11
Mostly just patience and a macro lens/setting. My husband is a much better shot than I, and I'm waging a campaign trying to convince him that aquariums are intensely interesting photographic subjects. =)
From BobtheSnail on 10/20/11
That second picture is beautiful!!! I mean, the first one is too, but the second especially! How on earth did you get that?!?!
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