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Whippetguy's RSM 250
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NameWhippetguy's RSM 250
SubstrateCrushed Coral
Size65 Gallons
Live Rock40 lb Gulfview, 40 lb Vanuatu
Power Head(s)RSM stock pumps 1+2, Vortech MP10
Protein SkimmerRSM Stock skimmer
RO/DI SystemBulk Reef Supply RO/DI unit
Top Off SourceTunze Osmolator 3155
InhabitantsLivestock: 2 black ocellaris
Coral: Blastomussa merletti, 2 Kenya tree, red zoa, green zoa
Invertebrates: Cleaner shrimp, numerous Nerites, Nassarius, Ceriths, 3 astrea, 4 turbo snails
Hitchhikers: feather dusters, hidden cup coral, colonial cup coral, 2 crabs, palolo worms, keyhole limpets, turkey wing clams
LightingRSM stock lighting
Foodfrozen, pellet, flake
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