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Tropical Peace
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NameTropical Peace
Size30 Gallons
Inhabitants[F]Cremesicle Lyretail Molly
[F][M]2 Dalmation Lyretail Mollies
[F]Albino Rainbow Shark
[M]Red Wag Platy - "Elmo"
[M]Sunburst Platy - "Ernie"
[M]Tiger Platy
[F]Sunset Fire Platy -
[F]2 Bumblebee Platys
[F]Bushing Red Top Platy - "Ginger"
[F]Mickey Mouse Platy - "MaryAnn"
Juvenile Rubber-lipped Pleco
4 Black Kuhli Loaches (until LFS's next delivery)
Senegal Bichir

R.I.P Monty - Rainbow Shark
R.I.P Martha - [F] Gold Dust Molly
R.I.P Unnamed [M] Gold Dust Molly
R.I.P Eddie - [M] Fancy Guppy
R.I.P Molly - [F] Black Lyretail Molly
FiltrationAquaTech 30/60
Temperature76-78 F (80 with the heater on cold nights)
DecorSkull with eel wrapped around it, barrel deco cave, Wave shaped driftwood, neon plants, oyster shell, hollow piece of wood with fake plant on it, volcano airstone
FoodTetraMin flakes w/shrimp, Freeze dried Bloodworms, Algae wafers, Shrimp Pellets
From dorabaker on 06/28/12
is that an axolotl you have there? it's awesome!
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