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Size26 Gallons
Inhabitants2 Red Glass Barb
2 Spotted African Leaf Fish
2 Red-tailed shark
1 Black Ghost Knife
1 African Brown Knife
3 Albino Tiger Barb
1 Plecostomus
1 Black Banded Leporinus
FiltrationAqueon power filter 30
LightingMarineland LED
Temperature75-80 f
Decor10 plastic plants
Accessories2 air stone dragons
large drift wood
Foodtropical flakes
From djbutterflyx on 10/10/11
What a beautiful tank!!! I have a 28 gallon bowfront that I have no room for right now or the time to take care of an extra tank. I especially love the blue lights!!!! Keep up the great work :) And a nice selection of fish :)
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